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Short Teaser Released for “The Batman” Ahead of DC Fandome Trailer

A short teaser was released today, just before this weekend's premiere of the anticipated trailer at DC Fandome.


My Experience with Millennium Tour 2021 in Baltimore: Ashanti & More

Millennium Tour 2021 rekindled some flames and fanned new ones. Re-live the nostalgic night in the 'Charm City' inside.


Biden Gets Vaccine Booster: “The vast majority of Americans are doing the right thing.”

President Biden has received his third dose of the Pfizer vaccine against Coronavirus. "So, please do the right thing. Please get these shots," Biden said.


Woman and Son Killed In ‘Suspicious’ 6-Story Fall at Petco Park

Police are continuing investigations and questioning of witnesses but noted that the victims’ deaths “appeared to be suspicious.”


Kelly Price’s Sister Says That She’s Still Missing, Despite Recent Reports and Instagram “Post”

Kelly Price's Sister Says That She's Still Missing, Despite Recent Reports and Instagram "Post"


Nearly 15,000 Drivers Have Been Overcharged At MD Toll Booths, State Audit Finds

A new state audit has found that Maryland has overcharged nearly 15,000 drivers at multiple toll booths. The overcharges amount to over $150K.


Megan Fox and Her Incredible Breakthrough: How Her Worst Video Led To Her Divorce

Part of that prison she’s referring to is a marriage with Brian Austin Green. They have 3 kids together. A bad movie helped fuel her to divorce.


5 Things ‘Couples Therapy’ Season 2 Taught Me About Marriage

Though I didn’t finish the second season in time, here are 5 more things the series taught me about marriage.

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