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 Our Voice, Our Mission, and Our Vision: The Next Chapter of The CTZNS


Our Voice, Our Mission, and Our Vision: The Next Chapter of The CTZNS

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this thing for 6 years. This all began with a desire to establish professionalism in art, media, and entertainment while navigating the frustrations of the industry. What it’s become today is special to me; a place that I call home.

CTZNS has provided me with so many things. The intangibles, mostly. It’s introduced me to other creatives who, like myself, have a passion burning within them. I’ve been able to hear their stories and find ways to help build bridges between them and their public. Leading this group has also introduced me to the repetition of failure that’s associated with achievement. A desire to keep going no matter how tough it gets. It’s introduced me to a better version of myself through a concentrated view of my imperfections as a leader and person. I heard the deafening silence, it kept me alone in my office while my friends were outside playing.

It was silent enough for me to hear the voices of those in need. This next chapter of CTZNS is all about answering that deafening call.

This is a signal to other creatives of the light – an invitation and a guarantee. The journey we’re embarking on in this next chapter is a relentless effort toward bringing change to our communities. Using the power of professional media and glowing entertainment, we will inspire the leaders of today to light the path for those behind us. We’ll dedicate ourselves to protecting and empowering the village. We’re the conversation people with a passion for connecting brands to communities. It’s our pleasure to build bridges. It’s art, honestly.

The next episode.

I’m excited for what we are going to accomplish. I pray that it inspires us all. Here’s some of what’s on tap for The CTZNS:

  • Quarterly events where we can learn and grow together around topics like leadership, media production, communications tools, health initiatives, and philanthropy.
  • Original editorial pieces that engage, enlighten, and inspire creatives.
  • Original editorial pieces that offer stimulating viewpoints on trending topics.
  • Community-based interaction between visionaries of all kinds. A place to share ideas with a professional light.
  • Access to high-quality audio, visual, and written media production to help increase your brand’s reach.

The construction.

Watch your step around our BETA site. A good portion of the links will take you to other sites that house our brands or their work. Our artists, brands, projects, releases, and other media will be given separate profiles at full launch.

This current version of the site is designed for simple navigation. Your input is welcomed! I’ve looked this thing over 3 million times since January. A fresh set of eyes is appreciated. Let us know your thoughts at


We want to dedicate ourselves to building campaigns that will help others. These campaigns will meet the specific needs of various communities across the world and will support philanthropic efforts to make our world a better place. We want to aid the homeless with human needs, help provide equal opportunities for career and education success, and connect our community with various outreach programs that are in need of donations.

The world will never be perfect. That’s not even the goal, anymore. It’s now about doing the best we can to make our communities the best they can be.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with budding brands in several industries. Each connection has provided us with a completely new understanding of the culture, a different viewpoint of what we see everyday. We’re all living our separate paths in this bubble. Separate, but together.

This next chapter of CTZNS will focus on bringing us together. Though we are different in crafts, some of us are similar in creed. We’re neighbors along the intersection of creativity and purpose. The idea of using art to light the world is one big flame that we take turns feeding. Honestly, I haven’t got much idea of what it looks like but I know it’s beautiful. I know that this next stage of CTZNS will help paint that picture.

Hopefully, you’re on board for the ride too.

Production continues.

We will continue to provide cutting-edge media production to our current clients as well as weekly availability for new ones. We’ve had the privilege of helping so many brands over the years. Some as major as building all new websites for them to connect with their brands. Others, as minor as a 15-second commercial. No matter where we fit into your journey, we will continue to be there.

We’ll now be using a booking system that allows us to focus on each client with increased attention to detail. The goal was always to get better and I can comfortably say that we have. To find out how you can get us to produce your media, or to request a demo, email

In closing.

Consider this a toast and re-dedication to continue our work. Per Oberlo, America has seen a near 4% increase in small business creation over the last five years. Those numbers are representative of a massive creative awakening where more people are realizing how possible the impossible really is. I ensure that we are dedicated to making your ‘impossible’ happen. We’re also are dedicated to those who make things possible for others. The dream weavers and the peacekeepers.

Our brands bring light to a cloudy world. They offer joy through the power of perspective and force everyone to ask key questions about the world around us. Questions that invoke the best in others and inspire change in pursuit of better.

We are The CTZNS. This is the next chapter.

Thank you,

Brian James, Editor/Founder of The CTZNS.

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