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 Here Are 5 Ways You Can Donate To Help Millions of Ukraine Refugees

Ukrainian refugees from 2022, crossing into Poland/WikiCommons

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Donate To Help Millions of Ukraine Refugees

Ukraine has become the center of the world’s eye as Russia ravages their communities with unprovoked attacks. Families bid each other farewell as mothers and children flee the decimated cities while fathers and husbands fight to protect their homes.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees projects that 8.3 Millions refugees will leave Ukraine. Spokesperson Shabia Mantoo warned that another 13 million Ukrainians are estimated to be stuck in areas that were attacked also suggesting that 9 in 10 fleeing are women or children. “The human impact and the suffering already caused by this war are staggering,” Mantoo said, “families have been torn apart, houses and infrastructure have been destroyed” and millions will feel the lasting “trauma” of war. 6.8 million refugees have fled Ukraine making it the world’s largest current refugee crisis.

It’s an unimaginable reality for Ukrainian families as their lives have been completely uprooted. The world has rallied around the people of Ukraine and while nothing can replace the devastating loss, Americans have been wanting to pitch in. According to Google, searches about how to help Ukraine have been spiking.

Here are five organizations that you can connect with to help get aid to Ukraine.

Project Hope

Ukrainians have had an understandably tough time keeping up with the medication and medical supplies. Connecting with Project Hope gives you the power to help out.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

This organization is working to distribute various necessary items such as blankets, water kits, sleeping mats & bags, tents, and other needs. They also aid in other protective efforts such as monetary aid for those forced to flee.

The Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Health Rights

An organization providing support for women, transgender, and non-binary activists in Ukraine, providing medical support, funding, and confident communication.


Their “Blue Dot” Centers have been strategically placed along transit routes around Ukraine to help vulnerable children and families. They provide healthcare, safety, water, and nutrition while also safeguarding children’s rights and livlihoods.


A group dedicated to reach 4 million Ukrainians with hygiene kits, food, water, psychosocial support, financial aid, and other needs. This group prioritizes women, girls, families, and the elderly.

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