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 Missy Elliott On Hollywood Walk of Fame: “I give this to my sisters in hip hop.”


Missy Elliott On Hollywood Walk of Fame: “I give this to my sisters in hip hop.”

Missy Elliott received her well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Monday (Nov.8). The musical genius (and Doctor) held her composure at the podium while delivering her acceptance speech. You can almost feel the gratitude dancing off of her lips. She was most gracious for the trailblazing female emcees in Hip Hop whose work helped to make this moment possible for her. She also embraced the female emcees of tomorrow, shining as s beacon of gratitude for her sisters to see (and feel).

“I can kind of give this to my female MCs in Hip Hop, to my sisters in Hip Hop. I wanna say I love each and everyone of y’all. The ones that’s popping now, the ones that’s about to be popping,” said Missy Elliott. “But I want to give a big, big shoutout to the godmothers of this, and that is Queen Latifah, Monie Love, [MC] Sha-Rock, Angie Stone, Roxanne Shanté, Yo-Yo, MC Lyte, Salt-N-Pepa. I know I’m probably missing some, but all of y’all who started before me. Because y’all are the backs that we stand on. Y’all are the foundation, and y’all ran so we could walk. Y’all stood up for something so we could sit comfortably, so I thank y’all for this moment.”

“Through the grace of God and faith, I kept going.”

Wait, maybe she didn’t keep your composure together. She shouldn’t have though. It’s a big moment for her and her supporters.

The superstar’s voice cracked a little bit as she got choked up thinking about how her life led her hear. “Through the grace of God and faith, I kept going,” Elliott said while letting her emotions develop.

Congratulations to the Queen! Yes, the exclamation point was necessary. Her voice and artistic being carried me through majority of my life. I have so many joyous memories that include Missy Elliott. So much so, she’s still one of my most played artists during my DJ sets. Her smile has always been golden and bright enough to bring joy to our days.

She deserves every bit of this moment. Go, Missy!