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 Video: The Shocking Aftermath of the Henry Ruggs III Deadly Vegas Accident


Video: The Shocking Aftermath of the Henry Ruggs III Deadly Vegas Accident

Former Las Vegas Raiders star wide receiver Henry Ruggs III spent majority of the week behind bars. He was the driver causing a deadly crash early Tuesday (Nov. 2) morning in Las Vegas. Authorities report that Ruggs was traveling at 156 mph when he struck another vehicle killing 23 year old, Tina Tintor.

New surveillance footage shows the painful aftermath of the accident. You can hear Ruggs’ girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, screaming for help.

This angle shows the intense moments as emergency services arrived to the scene. Ruggs’ Corvette slammed into the back of Tintor’s RAV4 at 127 mph. The impact struck her gas tank causing the violent flames.

Who was Tina Tintor?

She was a 23 year old woman in the infant stages of her new job at an insurance company. Yahoo! reports that she was coming from hanging with her dog and a friend at the park when the accident happened. Her brother, Djordje, shared the information. “I’ll be fine, I can manage but they’re not good, that’s what I’m worried about,” Tintor told NBC News about his parents on Wednesday. “Sometimes I can’t even look at them, it just breaks my heart.”

Eye-witness accounts detail Tina’s final moments as gruesome as expected given the circumstances. It’s painful to imagine her struggles. LVMPD Detective Dwayne McCustion says that witnesses were trying to help Tintor but the flames had grown unbearable. He spoke of Alex Hart, a security guard in the vicinity who, “heard screaming coming from the area of the Toyota so he went to render aid there. He attempted to extract the driver but was soon overcome with smoke and heat from the flames.”

Then, he spoke of another witness’ attempt to help.

“Mr. Rodriguez stated he tried to extract the driver of the Toyota as it was on fire,” according to McCuistion’s report.

“He stated he grabbed the driver and tried to pull her out of the car but she was stuck or pinned in the car. Mr. Rodriguez then explained how he was overcome with smoke and heat from the fire and had to back away from the car.”

Our thoughts are with the Tintor family and her friends.

 Ruggs’ future.

It’s grim, as of right now. The second year receiver from Alabama has been cut from the Raiders and is facing up to 20 years behind bars, according to Las Vegas law. Defense Attorney David Chesnoff asks the public to suspend judgement of Ruggs until the investigation is complete. “We’re going to investigate the case. We’re going to adjudicate it in the courtroom,” Chesnoff told reporters. “This is America, he’s entitled to his day in court.”

Ruggs is out on a $150,000 bail and is due to return to court this upcoming Wednesday.