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 Diving Inside the Mixed Reviews of Madden 22’s Scouting Update

Diving Inside the Mixed Reviews of Madden 22’s Scouting Update

It’s been three weeks since the Madden community was graced with the well-anticipated (and needed) title update 3. The patch fixed some massive game play concerns but also delivered an in-depth scouting improvement. Let’s start there.

It is an improvement.

You may have to hold back the urge to scold EA (who deserves every stone, for the most part), but the update is certainly an improvement. The new update allows you to hire a team of scouts and send them around the country to hunt for your next superstar. It also keeps track of the incoming rookie class with more in-depth stories posted in the news timelines inside the mode.

It also provides 5 mock drafts that point to several draft scenarios throughout the course of your season. The first one always seems completely incorrect but the later mocks have been interesting to watch unfold.

Whether you want to admit or not, we’ve come a long way from our old scouting regimen. It’s a lot more intuitive than just clicking a button 3 times to get more information on a prospect. With our franchise (currently on year 3), we spent majority of the last season forecasting where certain prospects will land and trying to decipher who were going to be the busts in the draft.

My brother (Gamertag: UncleJus10) is using the Texans so he was scouting to see whether any QB was worth the top pick. I’m using Jacksonville so I was scouting defensively. The season rolled on and I ended up falling in love with a receiver from Maryland, Tristian DeWitt. Fast forward to the draft and I selected him with the 15th overall pick. Jus10 ended up grabbing a safety, D.J Allen, in the first round. The point is that on the old scouting system, I wouldn’t have fell for Tristian. I was forced to study him throughout the season thanks to the new scouting system. I started tinkering with the idea of having a big-bodied receiver and got curious about the incoming rookies. As the weeks passed, I watched as my scouts piled on more information about him until he became a sure thing in the draft.

It’s fun.

The “morning” of the update.

This is just the beginning of the future of Madden’s scouting system. I have no dogs in the fight nor do I have any allies at Electronic Arts, but I do believe that most companies don’t like bad press. We (the Madden community — need a name) have been giving the Madden developers hell for their lackluster approach to our precious game of football. That shower of acidic rain in the form of comments and bad reviews will continue to pour on this dev team until fans get what they want.

-either a new game or a better product. If we’re lucky, both.

No matter what, the pressure has certainly worked and I feel as though the momentum is pointing to more improvements in the future. They don’t have a choice (even if it feels like they’re choosing not to improve). It’s only a matter of time before the angry mob’s voices get loud enough to draw attention from other eyes and ears. Maybe they’ll get loud enough to urge Congress to look into whether Electronic Arts is operating an illegal monopoly. Or, maybe psychologists and science experts will suddenly get the urge to investigate the game’s psychological impact on kids who are becoming addicted to buying Ultimate Team cards; the beginning stages of gambling addictions, maybe.

This is the morning stages of the update and I expect EA to continue striving for approval. They don’t have a choice.

Silent breakfast.

Here we are sitting at the breakfast table after a long and heated argument the night before. Like any relationship, going to bed angry at each other creates a silent breakfast. It’s not even about how good (or bad) the food is, nor is it about the cold coffee (that is upsetting though). It could feel like there’s something wrong with the breakfast when in actuality, you’re still upset from the night before.

The only remedy at that point is conversation. Maybe time, as well. Either way, I kind of expected the uproar against the Madden 22 Scouting Update because this forced marriage has been full of disagreements. In some regards, a divorce is the only way to smile again (as a Madden gamer). We’re stuck in an arranged married to a cynic.

But, the scouting update is certainly an olive branch.

Enjoy yourself.

Let’s abandon the metaphor and talk in realism. Madden 22 is what it is. I would be lying if I said that we weren’t having fun playing our CFM. Understand that we have literally been at odds with the Madden dev team for decades and every customer has the right to feel disrespected. My only hope is that we realize how powerful of a drug the NFL is and that right now, EA is our dealer (I know, I changed my mind on the metaphor thing). “An NFL representative confirmed to Polygon that the new contract runs for six years, taking the agreement through May 2026,” writes Samit Sarkar of Polygon.

Yeah, it’s going to be a while.

The beautiful thing about the scouting update is one of my favorite words in the English language: progress. Us franchise users are finally being heard. People become divided on the idea that this progress is in vain. I say it’s progress, nonetheless. The way we see it (my brother and me), the money is already spent and the investment is already made. We enjoy the product. The update does have some work to do but we expected that going in. For example, it is frustrating knowing that your WR prospect can carry the ball but not whether he can catch it.

If you expected perfection then the joke’s on you. It’s a sad ballad, but I’m used to disappointment whenever I hear EA Sports. It’s in the game. I guess that’s why it was easier for us to use it as a tool to enhance our fantasy world as opposed to something else to complain about. Just don’t have the energy anymore.