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 The Mental of Ja Morant: Beginning stages of a ‘GOAT’

The Mental of Ja Morant: Beginning stages of a ‘GOAT’

He’s arguably one of the most exciting young players in the association and his electrifying highlights have been plentiful. His mental fortitude has also been something to marvel at. With the mind and heart that Ja Morant currently has, the trajectory of his career is headed to the moon.

Morant has been leading his Grizzlies since entering the league in 2019. The young team has seen its share of challenges while competing in the always-tough Western Conference. But, Morant has proven that he can bump with the best of them. He averaged 19.1 ppg last season, a slight increase of his rookie-year average of 17.8 ppg.

A dog’s tale in L.A.

On Sunday (Oct. 24th), Ja Morant and the Grizzlies took a trip to L.A for a run with the “LakeShow”. Morant posted a 40-point showing in Hollywood, shooting 61.9% from the field. The stars had their jaws on the floor including Magic Johnson.

It’s fun watching young stars rise and the battles they face along the way. Morant’s 40 points weren’t enough to outlast the struggling Lakers. The game was hardly my favorite part of the night, though. It was a good game too so that’s saying a lot.

Ja Morant was sent to the line in the closing seconds of the match. Free throws would have tied the game. Unfortunately, the young point guard couldn’t sink them.

The response to tribulation, trajectory of a dog.

The Grizzlies went on to lose the game but Ja won the night. His “failure” at the line seemed to become a lesson for the young star. He shared his retrospection in a series of tweets, Sunday.

We’ve all witnessed the Prima Donna-esque athletes who wipe away the tears from shortcomings of competition with $100 bills. Those stories of never-ending spirals, watching careers fail at the hands of comfort and laziness. I’m often haunted by those moments. Sports is stimulating for me so the lazy athletes are equally deflating.

That’s why I was so happy to see Ja Morant’s response to his blunder over the weekend. It seems as if he’s challenging himself to be better than he was before and if you ask me (which you didn’t, but hi), that’s what champions are made of.

Expect a big Wednesday night.

Ja and the Grizzlies head to Portland, tonight (Oct. 27). Damian Lillard is a challenge for every team in the league so I can’t guarantee a win. Plus, I wouldn’t do that anyway. But, I am expecting a bounce back for Morant and a show of his mental fortitude.

It may, or may not be measured in points but I can guarantee the grit.