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 Details About Today’s Madden 22 Title Update: Crashes, RPO, & More

Details About Today’s Madden 22 Title Update: Crashes, RPO, & More

It’s been a week of big updates for the troubled NFL title, Madden 22. Here’s what the developer team had to say about today’s update:

Hey Madden fans,

Today’s Title Update for Madden NFL 22 is for Xbox Series X|S & Playstation 5 and contains the following:

  • Addressed an issue where players were experiencing crashing when selecting certain formations
  • Addressed an issue for Custom Playbooks being used in Online Head-to-Head modes
  • Players will no longer be able to Pump Fake on RPO plays to cancel the handoff action between the QB and the Running Back
  • Addressed an issue where players would get stuck in pre-play after doing certain Hot Routes quickly

This Title Update is now available for both platforms.

– The Madden Team

Week of big updates

It was a much needed week for the popular sports game. Though it has seen early success in sales, it has been a disappointing experience for football fans. The developer team addressed many of experiences holes with the anticipated Scouting/Franchise update that his this past Tuesday.

“First, thank you all for playing Madden NFL 22! We feel your excitement each year, and we know how passionate you are about the game,” the title shared through their Gridiron Notes. “We’ve loved seeing your response to new features like Gameday Momentum and our improvements to Franchise. We have much more content to come.” 

This week brought much needed changes to the game’s Franchise experience, player likeness, game play, and many other updates that have completely transformed the gaming experience. Have you been enjoying the week of improvements?