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 Rodgers vs. Burrow: Underdogs and the Defenses They’ll Face

Rodgers vs. Burrow: Underdogs and the Defenses They’ll Face

Believe it or not, week 5 of the NFL season is here. It’s been a great year for the underdog community because of this year’s story lines.

Here’s the one we think you can’t miss with the ‘Underdog Game of the Week’.

Rodgers vs. Burrow, “Gunslingers in Cincinatti”

It’s been a see-saw start for the 3-time league MVP, Aaron Rodgers. He began the season with a 36.8 passer rating and 2 interceptions against the Saints. His response and media presence this year has been “straight-forward”, making some pundits uncomfortable and causing a bit of friction which Rodgers addressed. “I strongly believe in everybody’s ability to have an opinion. And I respect the fact that they have an opinion and should have an opinion. My issue is a platform given to individuals who only desire to say inflammatory things that are not based in fact,” Rodgers shared in a press conference. Fans are having nightmares of that horrid week one and the alleged irate press relations. All eyes will be watching to see if A-Rod is still who we thought he was.

The Packers are in the bottom ten of the league on offense with an underwhelming 1,272 yards. They’re right around the middle of the pack in scoring with 95 points on the year. Their defense has been the anchor, allowing an average of 311.5 yards per game (#6). Ironically, they’ll be facing a defense whose right behind them in the race… Cincinnati.

The Bengals come into week 5 ranked #7 in pass yards allowed with an average of 323/per game. Sitting at 3-1 on the year, Cincinnati has been quite the story to follow and the defense is only part of it. Joe Burrow has shown why he was the number one pick in 2020. The Bengals are just outside the bottom ten of the league in terms of offensive yardage (325.5 ypg). Those numbers will climb behind Burrow’s cannon as he is already #6 rated in QBR for the year with 113.8.

He began the year as one of the more decorated young guys under the center. He’ll face a hungry Green Bay defense and another QB who’s found himself playing the underdog in 2021.

How to watch

Green Bay travels to Cincinnati for a 1 PM affair at Paul Brown Stadium, this Sunday. It will be broadcasting on local FOX affiliates.