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 Phoenix Mercury Forced Out of Home-Court Playoff Game For Disney on Ice

Swish Appeal/Phoenix Mercury

Phoenix Mercury Forced Out of Home-Court Playoff Game For Disney on Ice

The WNBA playoffs are rolling but apparently the Footprint Center in Phoenix can’t keep up. For the second time in two weeks, the Phoenix Mercury are being kicked out of their own gym for a pivotal home-court playoff matchup.

I know. It’s complicated.

The ever-famous “Disney On Ice” is coming to Phoenix and has called ‘dibs’ on the Footprint Center. Game 3 of the semi-final series between the Mercury and the Aces is scheduled for Sunday but it’s being moved to Desert Financial Arena, home to Arizona State.

The same thing happened last week. Phoenix was hosting the New York Liberty for a single-elimination playoff bout and was forced to play the game away from their home court due to a concert. According to Insider, the Mercury were still supported by their loyal fanbase, dubbed the “X Factor”, but the replacement venue just didn’t measure up. The Mercury could be forced out of the gym again for Game 4 as the Footprint Center is prepared to host a preseason match-up between the Lakers and Suns.

Meredith “cashes in” with a good point.

In the the article for Insider, Meredith Cash asks a great question about how this all happened. It draws attention to the fact that this wouldn’t happen in other sports and I have to agree. I must say that my frustration is more with the Footprint Center, though, who needs to revisit their scheduling tactics. Or, maybe re-hire.

Here are Meredith’s comments:

Perhaps “Disney on Ice” can take its talent to Desert Financial Arena on Sunday instead of Phoenix’s team and fanbase packing up and leaving. Or maybe, should Game 4 of the Mercury’s series against Last Vegas come to fruition, the Suns can go play LeBron James and the Lakers in a college gym so that the WNBA playoff game gets the stage it deserves.

Can you imagine? Fat chance, but women’s sports enthusiasts can dream of a day when their franchises are treated with as much reverence as “Disney on Ice” or a meaningless NBA preseason game.