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 Madden 22: The Question Nobody’s Asking About Custom Draft Classes In the ‘Scouting Update’

Madden 22: The Question Nobody’s Asking About Custom Draft Classes In the ‘Scouting Update’

The infamous scouting update is yet to arrive and at just a little over two months past Madden 22’s release, the details are still foggy. Hell, an actual release date is still yet to be announced, forcing franchise-mode fans into a dark corner of football fandom. The new system doesn’t allow us to carry our current franchise modes over so we can’t get started on campaigns.

But, can we get started on draft classes?

EA, the company who holds the exclusive simulation rights to the NFL, made sure that gamers knew that any progress made in Connected Franchise Mode would be deleted after the update. “As a reminder, to take advantage of the new scouting, you will need to restart your franchise,” EA shared in the Scouting Update Deep Dive a few weeks ago. “You have the choice to start or continue your franchise play with legacy scouting now, which you can keep after the Title Update, or restart to unlock the new feature in October.”

Well, maybe we will be able to access the older Franchise saves. I don’t think anyone wants to skip out on the Scouting Update, though. It appears the next update will be so massive, it’ll operate on a system that prior CFMs cannot handle. It’s understandable for the new system to be massive given what’s expected in the update:

  • A full scouting department
  • In-depth scouting reports including player physicals, traits, and ratings
  • News content that will move players up or down the media big board, impacting draft stock 
  • Mock drafts providing a snapshot of who teams are interested in throughout the season

Should we wait to make Draft Classes too?

If the new system forces a restart to use new scouting features, can it import custom draft classes without issues?

We cannot start a franchise (we intend to keep), but we’ve been working hard on draft classes for the community. Not just the non-fictional classes featuring future-stars like Matt Corral, Isaiah Spiller, and others. But, years of fictional classes with complete story lines and backstories for players to enjoy. Somewhere between the 400th and 600th player I stopped and thought, “man, I hope these recruits work in the new system.”

We’ve reached out EA Franchise Mode developer Andre “Swami” Weingarten about it. He’s away handling ‘personal stuff’ but here’s the tweet waiting for his return: