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 An Introspective Look Into Public Relations in the Pandemic-Era

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An Introspective Look Into Public Relations in the Pandemic-Era

The scars of COVID’s rampage are evident as we look around Earth 2021. Things have certainly changed. Smiles are heavy and eyes are dry; there are no more tears left to accompany the cries. It’s taken life and opportunity from under our grasps without mercy. We’ve lost loved ones, we’ve lost time, and we’ve lost business but we will never lose our story.

As we offer our best attempt at harnessing the new normal, the conversation between brands and their public(s) is more delicate than ever. It’s also become increasingly important. Finding efficient and warm ways to tell the story of the last two years could allow for brands to deepen connections with their stakeholders and consumers.

A recent study by the Business Research Company forecasts an increase in need of public relations post-pandemic. “The global public relations market size is expected to grow from $88.13 billion in 2020 to $97.13 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2%,” writes The Business Research Company. The evolution is imminent when you think about how far our industries are from pre-pandemic times. Companies are fighting to become abreast with those changes and searching for their voice through it all. Coronavirus has changed how we interact with each other and like the Tower of Babel, it’s complicated conversation.

We’re more detailed in our business habits and we’ve become more sensitive to things we don’t like. Time’s value has also increased so we weigh everything with a completely different scale. The risks are riskier and it’s fair to say that’s what our language is balanced on now. But, what about if brands shift their focuses from increasing the bottom line to relating with their public on the pandemic itself?

We believe that every brand should invest in telling their story of how they are fighting the pandemic. As noted by Sapience in 2021, public relations planning can cultivate a loyal consumer base. What better grounds to stand on than to relate to your supporters through shared struggles of the pandemic?


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