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 737 Max Debuts Official Liveries On XBOX Series X

MSFS Xbox Series X/BW

737 Max Debuts Official Liveries On XBOX Series X

The perfect addition to my birthday weekend (shout out to the Leo Gang). The MSFS 2020 Marketplace featured the ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Bredok3d Boeing 737 MAX’, Friday.

It’s kind of weird because I haven’t seen much about it anywhere but it certainly is worth celebrating. The lack of official airlines was my only knock on the game. I’m sorry, simulator.

Is it just me? Or, is it buggy?

Maybe the hype has been absent because the aircraft is broken. I was so excited to see the liveries and start my new job as a Delta, or Southwest pilot, I didn’t stop to think if the aircraft was a good build. It certainly has its issues.

Here’s an earlier review from the PC version:

My passengers are sick.

Look at me being dramatic.

Essentially, the Bredok3D 737 MAX turns left on takeoff. It never stabilizes itself. Even when I try to turn the plane back upright, it slowly just starts turning left. I can show you better than I can tell you. Even though that’s still kind of tell-, nevermind.

Have you experienced this? Did you find a fix? Shoot us an e-mail at