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 Megan Fox and Her Incredible Breakthrough: How Her Worst Video Led To Her Divorce

Megan Fox/Scream Awards

Megan Fox and Her Incredible Breakthrough: How Her Worst Video Led To Her Divorce

Teenage boys everywhere were drooling at the screens as Megan Fox was beginning her Hollywood career. She stole most hearts in such films as Transformers and Jennifer’s Body. All eyes were on her as the world watched her grow.

Then, her 2010 comic-based film Jonah Hex happened. It flat-lined in the box office, turning Hollywood and ‘fans’ against her. Manohla Dargis of the New York Times reviewed the film, saying it was brought to “unforgiving life.” That’s one of the nicer reviews.

The public’s scathing remarks made Fox feel like she was “brought out and stoned and murdered,” the actress revealed to InStyle Wednesday. Even other cast members thought the film was a wash. “I had never even watched it because the other actors told me not to. I mean, I got crucified for that movie, just brutalized in the reviews,” she continued to InStyle. “But something came over me, and I said, fuck it, I’m going to be brave and watch it.”

So, she did. Thank God she did.

“I had this incredible breakthrough, and I realized that I had been living in a self-imposed prison for so long because I let other people tell me who I was or what I wasn’t. I hid because I was hurt,” she added. 

Part of that prison she’s referring to is a marriage with Brian Austin Green. They have 3 kids together.

Free from fear.

Like any prison, bad relationships are void from freedom. The bars are made of fear and the warden is the same person you “love”. That fear can certainly be crippling. It put Megan in a position where she no longer recognized herself; In a film that she didn’t even want to see.

“That night, I stayed up and promised myself that I would never live one more day of my life from fear. I came home, and my whole life changed,” she said. Quite crazy how life can use what we fear to empower us. Again, thank God she watched that movie.

“I got a divorce and I started working more and doing more things. I ended up meeting Colson (New Boo: Machine Gun Kelly), and then literally everything exploded from there.”

A 2018 article from The Guardian suggests, “a bad marriage with frequent conflicts could have a serious detrimental impact on your health.” Their findings were based on a study of 373 couples over 16 years which revealed that couples who disagree often had poor health.