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 5 Things ‘Couples Therapy’ Season 2 Taught Me About Marriage

5 Things ‘Couples Therapy’ Season 2 Taught Me About Marriage

Dr. Orna Gulranik is a talented counselor who understands the art of connection. As we discussed on Episode 160, I enjoy watching her speak with her clients; painting her picture of a better reality for these shaken couples. 

Dr. Orna Gulranik/Showtime

The Showtime series ‘Couples Therapy’ launched its second season showcasing the growth of three couples; Matthew and Gianni, Michael and Michal, and Tashira and Dru. “During their conversations, and especially across the weeks and months reflected in the episodes, Michael and Michal, Gianni and Matthew, and Tashira and Dru all go deep: into anxiety, sexual intimacy, parenting, and other issues that surface in their relationships, and also into more disquieting territory, too, such as physical violence, alcoholism, attempted suicide,” shares Andy Denhart.

Though I didn’t finish the second season in time, here are 5 more things the series taught me about marriage.

Episode 162