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 Lil Nas X Tells SNL Cast That They’re Going To Hell

Saturday Night Live/NBC Universal

Lil Nas X Tells SNL Cast That They’re Going To Hell

Saturday Night Live has been known to poke fun at the week’s biggest headlines. Lil Nas X was the latest topic of discussion and the center of a skit mocking his recent antics.

Shortly after, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to respond with a simple statement:

Human blood, Satanism, and…Freedom?

The young superstar made headlines after announcing the release of his exclusive “Satan Shoes“. Many were puzzled because it initially looked as if they were produced by NIKE. “Sophisticated sneaker-heads were confused,” NIKE said as they fought (and won) against the release. “We have submitted numerous (pieces of) evidence that some consumers are saying they will never buy Nike shoes ever again,” said lawyers representing NIKE.

MSCHF, the group who designed the polarizing sneaker, says the shoe is “art created for people to observe, speculate on, purchase and own. Satan is as much part of the art historical canon as Jesus, from Renaissance Hellmouths to Milton.” In an unexpected way, I know what they are trying to say. However, the issue isn’t people’s inability to explore their religious beliefs (or, disbeliefs). The issue is NIKE’s unwarranted affiliation.

MSCHF continues, “we are not affiliated with Nike, as we have consistently iterated to the press. We were honestly surprised by the action Nike has taken, and immediately after Nike’s counsel sent us notice we reached out but received no response.”The road to heaven isn’t paved with good intentions. Simply, the appearance of an endorsement from NIKE was dangerous regardless of whether the affiliation was official.

That is the center of this entire ordeal. Business, not spiritual. Not this time.


Was the SNL skit over the top? Is NIKE wrong for filing a lawsuit against the release of the sneakers? Do they bother you? Hit me on Instagram and let me know what you think. DMs are open.


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