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 The Year of Detroit: Wrapping Up Year 5 of Madden Simulation With Ratings & More

Madden NFL 21 XBOX Series X/UncleJus10

The Year of Detroit: Wrapping Up Year 5 of Madden Simulation With Ratings & More

We’ve concluded another year of our Madden franchise and year 5 was one for the books. The deeper we get into this connected franchise, the more we uncover reasons to appreciate the frowned up football game. Interesting storylines continued to unfold this season. For the first time in history, the Lombardi trophy heads to Detroit. A new star is born in Tennessee, and other young ones began shining brighter.

Simulating the NFL this far into the future really opens your eyes up to the endless possibilities. We’ve gotten so deep with it that we understand the league on a level greater than ever. You begin to ask yourself questions like, “will Lamar Jackson and the Ravens live up to the hype?” Or, “how long will Kansas City be on top?”

Here’s another good one to think about. Will Detroit win its first SB in the next 10 years? We have an answer.

Detroit (UncleJus10) wins first championship.

The Detroit Lions are one of the 12 NFL teams who have never won a championship. When my brother (UncleJus10) initially selected the team, I was thrown off. Out of the nearly 25 years we’ve been playing games together, no one has ever selected Detroit. But he did.

He blew up the roster and brought in Haskins (before the Pittsburgh signing). Got rid of some of the overpriced contracts and focused heavy on scouting. We’ve played quite a few games together at this point but his artwork with developing Detroit was the best to witness.

He beat Cleveland in SB 60. It wasn’t even close. 49-19 was the final score behind the league MVP, Haskins. Third year RB out of Maryland, DaCarr Mason was the SBMVP. See photos below.

The question remains: will UncleJus10 continue to grow this dynasty? Or, was it luck? According to the league awards for year 5, it wasn’t luck at all. Detroit had a few names win big awards.

Here’s the list:

  • *League MVP – Haskins, QB, Detroit
  • *League Coach of the Year – Bieniemy, Head Coach, Detroit
  • *Offensive Player of the Year – Haskins, QB, Detroit
  • Defensive Player of the Year – Kendricks, MLB, Minnesota
  • *Offensive Rookie of the Year – Roddy Cole, WR, Detroit
  • Defensive Rookie of the Year – P.K Waughnell, SS, San Francisco

(* signifies user UncleJus10 control)

Let’s recap the season’s top story lines. Here are some predictions that we can make about the NFL and will explain in separate articles.:

  • Dwayne Haskins comeback story.
  • Eric Stockton (1st Generation) fights for respect.
  • Tampa Bay’s dominance.
  • Birds falling from the sky.
  • Remember the Titans
  • Motor City madness.
  • Wonderland of Weiss.

The Rating: 90.2%

It’s been a few seasons since we’ve started the league. However, this will be the first rating. Earlier ratings would have been significantly lower as the game was practically unplayable in the early days.

Our franchise experience has grown enjoyable over the seasons. We spend hours on the phone talking about league predictions and storylines. In fact, I would say that this past season had us the most engaged. With this being the first rating of our experience, the rating system has to be based on realism. The North Star of sports gaming.

Our season unfolded as we anticipated it would. Detroit’s roster bolstered a steel-curtain defense with a successful secondary. That’s my brother’s strength. He’ll roam the secondary with ease. Even though several teams like Arizona, Minnesota, and Buffalo put together potent pass attacks, no one could get past Detroit. Makes sense.

The CPU’s roster management has been historically broken in Madden but everything was realistic in Year 5. Tennessee committed to Austin Weiss and offered him a huge contract. We couldn’t understand it at first, but it all made sense once he started piling on the stats. Pretty cool to watch the game build around him. Pretty realistic.

I could go on and on about it but I’ll just say that our 90.2% rating is very comfortable for the both of us. Check out some of our games (WAS, BriansWorldLive) on my Twitch.

Introducing “Gametrack Wednesday”

Watch those storylines unfold with our “Gametrack” series on The CTZNS. Connect with us on Instagram at stay up to date with news, predictions, and scores from the league. Add me on XBOX. Gamertag: BriansWorld (#6274)


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