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 This Company Is Willing To Pay You $2,400 To Take a 24-Hour Device Detox


This Company Is Willing To Pay You $2,400 To Take a 24-Hour Device Detox is willing to pay participants up to $2,400 who accept the 24-hour Detox Challenge.

It sounds easy to some and nearly impossible to others. Our lives have become attached to our devices, a 24-hour detox could be costly. It could also be exactly what some of us need; a break from our screens. “If you’ve got the desire to ditch your devices for a day but still need to get paid, this is the perfect opportunity for you,” the company wrote on its website.They urge participants, “have you always wanted to win reality competitions like American Ninja Warrior, but you’ve been too busy trying to beat Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat instead? Do you know a little too much about your old acquaintances from social media?” People who are “burnt out” from the drudgery of social media and its heavy headlines are some who should apply, says “We’re looking for someone who is definitely into tech but willing to challenge themselves.”

More than the phone.

The challenge includes suspending usage of other devices, as well. Participants “must be willing to disconnect from all personal technology (emergencies excluded) for 24 hours,” the company shares. Here are the detailed restrictions:

  • No cell phone
  • No television
  • No gaming consoles/handheld gaming devices
  • No computers/laptops
  • No smartwatches or wearable tech
  • No smart home devices (smart speakers, smart vacuums, etc.)
  • We’re not monsters—you can still use a microwave to heat up a TV dinner!

Could you do it?

My phone has finally become everything to me. It’s used for just about everything and has honestly created pathways to success for me, personally. I think I could do the challenge but would just have to plan for it. That’s the secret.

Do you think you could do it? Send me a DM on Instagram and let me know.


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