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Doja Cat Shares Sensual Silhouette In “Streets” Video

We fell in love with this Cat from the West Coast and she’s been worth every bit of attention. Doja Cat shared her anticipated video for ‘Streets’ from her Hot Pink album.

Silhoutte challenge accepted.

You may recognize the song from the Tik Tok trend that swept the internet in 2020. Users were posing in low light areas, usually casting their silhouettes in sensual undertones. Some of the posts were funny because well, obviously the internet. But, majority of the posts were captivating and offered an artistic approach to the art of seduction.

In the ‘Streets’ video, Doja completely owns the challenge in its opening scene. It was more tasteful than many and less revealing than some, but it was just another layer of Doja’s mystique and a playground for the mind.


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