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 Destination 180 Sinks the “Teeth” Into This 2007 Horror Comedy

‘Teeth’ Movie/Metacritic

Destination 180 Sinks the “Teeth” Into This 2007 Horror Comedy

SURVIVORS!!! We have a special musical guest in today’s episode! CHIP SKYLARK of course he’ll be singing his smash hit SHINY TEETH! Enjoy!! Okay just kidding, I did want to add it in but editing was being a pain in the root canal so… we’ll postpone allat! 

But seriously, today we’re taking a bite out of TEETH a horror-comedy directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein starring Jess Weixler as Dawn an evangelist who is innocent & naive to the T. After meeting a boy who test her temptations she quickly learns she is living proof of a myth that takes a turn for the worst.

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