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 Surviving ‘Bride of Chucky’: D180 Breaks Down the 1998 Classic

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Surviving ‘Bride of Chucky’: D180 Breaks Down the 1998 Classic

Hi-de-ho survivors! We’ve come to the last week in February on what better way to close this theme than with 1998’s BRIDE OF CHUCKY! Come ride with the good guys and see why they can’t leave us alone… might take 3 or 4 episodes to do it justice.

***TIME STAMPS*** QUEUE LINE – 22:10 THE RIDE – 29:03 SOUVENIR SHOP – 1:50:35

New Month, New Theme

At this point we’ve pushed it on you enough to know GROW UP SIS starts next week! So here’s a heads up for April’s theme, “Spring On The Remake,” if you’d like to make a submission you can hit us up at and let us know what you’d like to see on the podcast! Also if you have any comments concerns or whatever you can leave them there too! Another way you can keep up with us is to follow us on IG @D180Podcast, thanks in advance! Lastly, please leave a review on whatever platform you’re listening on. WE APPRECIATE IT PLEASE!

Haven’t seen Bride of Chucky (seriously?) that’s okay (no it’s not) come link up next week as we sink into TEETH.


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