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 Meet the Italian Blend That’s Been Kissing Me In the Morning: Lavazza Gran Selezione

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Meet the Italian Blend That’s Been Kissing Me In the Morning: Lavazza Gran Selezione

Let’s travel to Turin, Italy and wind the clocks back a little over a century. We’ll step into Turin Via San Tommaso 10, the humble birthplace of Lavazza coffee.

It was founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza. He was notably detailed in discovering a blend that is enjoyable and enriching to the customer. According to the company site, Lavazza would often study the origins and characteristics of coffee plants, mixing them to create the perfect brew.

125 years later and thousands of miles away, the Lavazza brew brings a smile to my Baltimore mornings.

It wasn’t a romantic discovery but I can attest that it was love at first sight. I was scrolling through Amazon looking for a new blend to enjoy for the month and found this Italian beauty nestled among the other, more common blends. Her name is Lavazza Gran Selezione which is Italian for “Great Selection”. I was immediately drawn to her Italian roots because a project that I’m working on is also rooted in Italian culture.

The whole “love at first sight” thing will make more sense in the coming months.

When the coffee arrived (to an Amazon locker that kind of feels like mine now), I rushed to pick it up and quickly brewed the first cup. If you’re a coffee lover like myself, you already know how exciting that first brew is. After reading labels and reviews, the moment had finally come to taste the words myself.

Tastes how I imagine an Italian sunrise tastes.

The aroma carried a chocolate undertone through my home. It felt like it only took a few seconds for me to smell the “aromatic notes” of chocolate that the Lavazza Gran Selezione prides itself on.

Once I poured my cup and took that first sip, I could taste those aromatic notes clearly.

Its 100% Arabica composition comes from Central and South America, processed in Italy. You can taste a combination of flavors within your brew and though I wasn’t certain of the origin at first, I knew that it was different from the norm. The bold and dark flavor is soothing to enjoy, providing a full-bodied look and flavor to my ceremonious morning “drip”.

The verdict: Extra Fresh Brew

I can’t promise that you’ll taste the Italian sunrise with your first sip. However, I can promise that the Lavazza Gran Selezione will be gentle with your taste-buds and stimulate you with a smooth and rich brew. The only regret is that we didn’t meet sooner.

Go out and grab yourself some Lavazza Gran Selezione and treat your coffee-loving soul to something that’s worth it.


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