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 Dunkin May Have Struck Gold With Their New “Midnight” Roast


Dunkin May Have Struck Gold With Their New “Midnight” Roast

American-based coffee giant, Dunkin started off the new year with some new recipes. The popular coffee chain introduced its Explorer’s Batch, Midnight, and Extra Charged recipes to end out 2020. Today, we’ll get into my favorite of the three so far, “Midnight”.

As a Dark Coffee lover, the Midnight recipe caught my eye first. After trying the rest, it solidifies itself as my favorite although I may be slightly biased. It’s a graduation from Dunkin’s traditional Dark recipe. “We launched Dunkin’ Dark Roast back in 2014 and according to Heidi Curry, Senior Manager of Research & Development, and Janet Rock, Research & Development Manager, here at Dunkin’,” the popular company shared in a blog post. “Over the past 6 years, our guests’ palettes have evolved.”

I’ll admit that I have grown rather numb to Dunkin’s traditional dark roast having made it part of my daily routine. It was time to make a change and with a robust flavor complete with an after taste to live for, the Midnight blend does bring a new flavor to Dunkin’s dark roast. “They’re now looking for even darker taste profiles, like that of Dunkin’ Midnight,” the blog post continued.

The Taste

Dark coffee is my preference because of how rich it can be. The richer it is, the more the taste stimulates me. Dunkin’s Midnight roast carries a rich taste that leaves a kiss of chocolate on your tongue. As explained in their blog, darker roasts get their flavor from increasing roast time. Their analogy explains it:

roasting coffee is like toasting a marshmallow. If you’re patient, you can toast the marshmallow until it’s dark and deliciously caramelized without burning it. That’s exactly how we approach Dunkin’ Midnight.We slowly roast the coffee beans to perfection to bring out the inherent sweetness and bold, chocolatey flavor notes.

Dunkin, ‘This Is Coffee’

Verdict: Fresh Brew

For those looking for a great start to your mornings, I would definitely recommend the ‘Midnight’ roast from Dunkin. Brave the bold taste and welcome a world of stimulation to your daily tasks. Be sure to be prepared for the hyper-activity that may happen as a result. The “Midnight” roast does what it was made to do: charge you up.

Also, to help curb the aggressively bold flavor, don’t hesitate to add a few sugars and cream to the mix. For me, I’m a black coffee drinker but I do drop some sugar in the darker roasts to add a bit of enjoyment.