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 Talking “Discipline” and the Big December “Drop” with Central Valley’s JC $anchez

Talking “Discipline” and the Big December “Drop” with Central Valley’s JC $anchez

For this episode of 2AM, we head out to Central Valley, California and connect with an artist named JC $anchez.

During the episode, we had a in-depth discussion about how his discipline has shaped his career but it wasn’t always like that.

Like most of us, $anchez learned good habits along the way to practice to get closer to success. After hearing how he structures himself and the world around him, his recent success with releases is no surprise.

A Detailed Mind

Something else that sticks out about JC’s personality is his innate attention to detail. He uses that detail to build songs that he’s involved with. The California artist says that his attention to detail puts pressure on artists who works with him but the pressure brings out the best in them.

“You can ask anybody that I’ve worked with, what I bring to the studio is a completely different work ethic,” $anchez shared on 2AM. “I critique everything from beginning to end.”

Big December Drop

$anchez is planning to release quite a few pieces in the coming days. He says that in the spirit of the season of giving, next week will be a memorable moment for his supporters.

Hear more about the drop on this episode of 2AM:


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