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 Original “Intl. Players Anthem” Featured Three 6 Mafia Instead of Outkast

Juicy J/The Fader

Original “Intl. Players Anthem” Featured Three 6 Mafia Instead of Outkast

During a recent interview with Hip Hop DX, Juicy J revealed that the legendary ‘Intl Players Anthem’ featured Three 6 Mafia on the original version. After confusion with the label, they were replaced with Outkast and was never made aware of the change.

“I was like, ‘Man, God dang,’ because, see, what was crazy, me and Paul did a verse on it at first,” Juicy J shared. “And the label — we didn’t even notice this, we moving around. The label had denied the clearance. I was like, ‘What the f**k? Why you all didn’t let me know?’ Man, I was ready to go up there and f**king cause hell at that label. Who the hell authorized that? I was like, ‘Who would authorize something dumb like that?’”

Make no mistake, the record will continue to be a staple in the black community. But. I can’t help but want to hear the original version. I also can’t imagine the song without Andre 3Stacks’ lyrics that spoke to me in my language. It was a great moment in music, to say the least.

The label strikes again.

Artists complain often about the sneaky ways of the music industries. With stories like this, i can see why. Apparently the label didn’t clear the verses from Three 6 Mafia because of the group’s success at the time. Oh, and of course “politics”.

“But anyway, so then they put Outkast on it and I didn’t even know. I just come to find out. I was like, ‘What happened to our verses?’ They [UGK] were like, ‘Man, they didn’t clear y’all, man. So we put Outkast on it.’ I was like, ‘F**k! Put our verses back on it! André 3000 and muthaf**kin’ Big Boi, like legendary  — I was like, ‘Man.’ I called that label — I ain’t even going to tell you all the s**t I said. I was so f**king mad.”

“I think we had ‘Stay Fly,’ out,” he continues. “Or ‘Poppin’ My Collar’ was on the radio and they didn’t want somebody else to come with a single and you know that politics. You know, labels and all that s**t and then they even tell us, though. They were just doing this like, ‘Oh no, we ain’t clearing that. F**k that!’”

Thankful, regardless.

It’s no secret that Juicy J and DJ Paul produced the beat. Regardless of the trickery from the label and how it changed the song, Juicy was still happy to be a part. He also appreciates all the love he and his group has gotten over the years.

“So they put Outkast on it which made it super classic. Don’t get me wrong. You know, me and Paul produced the beat. So I ain’t tripping, but I wanted to have my verse on that song. You know what I’m saying? But yeah, it’s definitely one of the all-time favorite — all-time greats. Look, man, we’ve done a lot, though. We done change the game, man. A lot of stuff just sound like our stuff now, man, which I love but I ain’t going to lie. It’s cool, man.”


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