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 A Place Where Artists Are Understood: This is “2AM”

A Place Where Artists Are Understood: This is “2AM”

The world of an upcoming artist is a lot more convoluted than led on. It’s a journey that is traveled often but can be lonely. With the corporate titans of the industry signing big checks, it could also be difficult for music fans have trusted outlets for new music.

That is until “2AM” became reality.

The overnight grind.

Based on the idea of my earlier days in overnight radio, 2AM will give upcoming artists a place to tell their story. It will also be a place that I can dive into the new music and introduce the public to the stories that it presents. I want it to be another outlet for artists in a world that limits those opportunities for business reasons.

2AM also takes me back to my days over grinding around the clock to cement my footing in the radio industry. I literally used to be on the air from Midnight to 6 AM, working hard to make something shake. As you’ll hear on 2AM, a lot of these artists are living that same life. The stakes are high and the workload is always heavy.

In the 2AM arena, it’s all about meeting new artists and watching them bloom into stars. We will inspire but we will also understand.

“2AM Tuesdays”

Each Tuesday, I want to release a new episode of “2AM”. The episodes will be complete with artist interviews and a place for them to talk about their new music. Considering that everything is digital now, it’s no need to play the songs during the episode. Here on “2AM” it’s all about the story.

Excited is an understatement.

I’m looking forward to letting this brand grow. With the industry moving at such a fast pace, a lot of these artists get mixed up and ignored. Here at 2AM, these artists are visible, heard, and understood.


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