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 Lamar Jackson On COVID-19: “I Wouldn’t Wish That On Anybody.”

Lamar Jackson On COVID-19: “I Wouldn’t Wish That On Anybody.”

The NFL’s MVP Lamar Jackson took the field Tuesday night after battling COVID-19. After being gone for 15 days, the young quarterback threw for two touchdowns against Dallas but is fighting lingering symptoms.

“I still can’t really taste or smell, but I’m good now,” Jackson shared. “That’s an effect that comes [with Covid-19]. I guess my sense of taste and smell are going to come back sooner than later, but I’m good now. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, though. It’s not good to have.”

Jackson was one of 23 Ravens who tested positive for the coronavirus on Thanksgiving. Another Raven was added to the list before Tuesday night’s game as wide receiver Dez Bryant tested positive during pre-game work outs. Seeing Lamar Jackson play Tuesday night’s game with such passion despite battling lingering symptoms; I agree with Coach Harbaugh that Jackson’s going to give it all he’s got.

“The one thing you do know about Lamar: You’re going to get everything he’s got,” Harbaugh said. “That’s all you can ask for.”

If you missed the game, check out the highlights below courtesy of NFL Network:


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