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 Becoming “Pure, Raw, and Versatile” With Kool Focus On BW: Life

Becoming “Pure, Raw, and Versatile” With Kool Focus On BW: Life

Life is about your creed. The words you live by shape your actions and the right words shape your success. For Lansing, Michigan rapper Kool Focus [KF1], his days are scored by a pure, raw, and versatile approach to life.

The Everyday Problems emcee joined BW: Life to talk about what those words mean to him. From the tone of his conversation, his creed is not just something that he says but he really believes in it.

Pure & Honest

“I’m just original and I like to talk about real stuff that’s going on,” KF1 shared on Episode 139. “I want everything to be original and sound good, the right way.”

Pursuing a more pure approach to our industries encourages a healthy dose of honesty within our daily decision-making. In an era where attention has the biggest price tag in history, many of our peers neglect the idea of being pure in their approach to success. As KF1 shares, that purity and organic reach is what truly helps us accomplish the tasks at hand.

The concept wasn’t always that easy for the Lansing emcee to grasp, though. “When I first started, I would talk about anything and everything,” he shared while laughing. From those days of “padding the story” to the man that he is today, his journey and appreciation of ‘purity’ is something that we all can learn from.

Everyday Problems EP

We also talked about his latest EP, Everyday Problems. The three-track project hit streaming platforms on Black Friday and it features a frustrated tone directed at pushing the culture forward.

He shares his desires for curating a culture that embraces each other, working together to improve society. Within the African American community, we’ve seen so many dark days of division among our brothers and sisters. That division was the target for the EP and he’s hoping that his words can be the glue.

KF1 shares his views on how slavery-era issues within the black culture still exists today and how they affect us. “They made us fight each other as slaves and that’s what we do now, ” he shared.

Take a listen to the EP below:

Episode 139

Strap in and listen to episode 139 featuring Kool Focus.


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