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 The Grit of 6 Mile: Talking Purpose, Passion, and Hard Work With Fokie Dope

The Grit of 6 Mile: Talking Purpose, Passion, and Hard Work With Fokie Dope

I’ve never been to Detroit but I always wanted to go.

As a kid, I used to watch 8 Mile religiously as Eminem’s journey to stardom was inspiring to me as a 12 year old. I was never much of an Eminem “fan” but I certainly was a fan of his grit. In fact, I found it to be a common trait amongst other Detroit-bred artists who I admired; Big Sean, Royce Da’ 5’9, and others.

I found that same grit from having a conversation with Fokie Dope. He’s an artist from 6 Mile in Detroit, currently living on the east coast in my family’s hometown of Charlotte. Listening to him recant some of the dark times in his hometown and contrasting them with his new environment helped me to understand how he became who he is today.

“It’s so much s*** to be in there, bro. Besides the corrupt government and the corrupt police officers an the fact that we don’t have any outlets in the city. Then you also got to know how to move in the hood. You got to know how to move around people. You got to know what respect is,” Fokie shared with me in the interview. That’s an environment that taught him many lessons that he leans on ’til this very moment. Those lessons have helped him understand the value of balance along this sometimes tumultuous journey in the entertainment industry. “I know the game ain’t perfect,” he continued.

The Okami Tape

His latest EP The Okami Tape hit platforms this past Labor Day. It’s the second project of 2020 for the young artist but the 3-track EP’s lyrical nature is a journey into the mind and style of Fokie. As I shared with him, the lyrics have a nature that is sure to put you in a trance. The 8 minute EP flies by but leaves you wanting more.

A Love For John Carpenter

Fokie isn’t just inspired by the environment that raised him. He also finds inspiration from great movies. Some of his favorite, most inspiring pieces are the works of the famed director, John Carpenter. Fokie shared how Carpenter’s work inspired his March album Raised By Wolves.

“I turned on John Carpenter movies. By the time I got to The Thing, I was in mode. The bleakness of it. I felt what he was trying to say. He uses human frailties and the bleakness of s*** to tell the truth of things,” he shared.

Episode 138 Featuring Fokie Dope

Tap into the episode below. Hopefully the conversation speaks to you like it did me.


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