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 I.AM.TRU.STARR Talks Fatherhood, the Pandemic, and ‘Viva’ On BW: Life

I.AM.TRU.STARR Talks Fatherhood, the Pandemic, and ‘Viva’ On BW: Life

Closing out the week on the show, Rochester artist I.AM.TRU.STARR takes on a journey; his journey.

He’s a young father from Western New York currently residing in Las Vegas. To get prepared for the interview, I started to fall into his world of appreciation for art. His keen eye to detail and the progression of emotion will quickly grab your attention. A conversation with ‘TRU’ feels exactly that, “true”. His authenticity shines just as bright as his voice.

It was a joy to have him on the show this week. I’ve been wondering how other creatives were dealing with the pressures of our world today. Some days the clouds affect me and according to TRU, I’m not alone in that thinking process. He points out what’s missing the most during the pandemic: human connection.

“I can’t see people’s smile. That level of human connection is gone,” TRU shared when asked about wearing masks during the pandemic. He described his current town of Vegas as somewhere that hasn’t been strict against the virus.

It really is quite the change that society has been pushed into. Even for me, it’s hard to create and bring certain things to life because my mind is so cloudy. TRU believes that shouldn’t stop the creative mind from creating.

“Whether its music of film, do what you got to do. Write that next script. Figure it out because we’re ‘gonna get through this,” the Vegas artist shared.

Viva is desert heat from a Western New York soul.

I tapped into Viva with curiosity. The music greeted me as if we had met before. It’s a project that identified some emotions that I was struggling to identify. Hearing TRU describe love, life, and tribulation from his prerogative allowed me see those emotions better for myself.

I didn’t feel alone on the turbulent journey of “becoming”. The lyrics told the story; TRU had experienced this too.

Catch a vibe below.

Hear the full Podcast feature below.


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