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 Baltimore Ravens Warm the NFL with a “Mo Gaba” Tribute

Baltimore Ravens Warm the NFL with a “Mo Gaba” Tribute

One of the first things I felt when I moved to Baltimore 2 years ago was the love of “Mo Gaba”. Sports is one of my favorite past times and I enjoy following teams across the league. I’ve been following both the Ravens and the Orioles for quite some time, growing up down the street in suburban D.C. Both teams showed major love to a bright young man whose fight would actually go on to inspire me.

His name was “Mo” Gaba.

Unfortunately, “Mo” lost his battle with cancer this summer at the age of 14. Both the Ravens and Orioles have been doing a great job of keeping his legacy alive. His spirit was definitely in attendance as the Ravens beat the Browns, 38-6 on Sunday. Not only did we know he was going to be there because of how much he loved the Ravens, but I was scrolling through Twitter on Friday and saw a beautiful tribute that the Ravens had put in place for “Mo”.  They made sure that the world would know who he was.

Mo Inspires.

It’s touching to see that a young soul like “Mo” could inspire an entire city. He brought his joy into every room he entered. His courage in the face of his illness was contagious and pushed others to continue the fight. “With his infectious laugh, amazing love of life and love of Baltimore sports, Mo captured the hearts of not only our organization, but the entire state of Maryland,” Ravens head coach John Harbough said following Mo’s passing in July.

His life and legacy reminds us that good vibes do live forever. We’ve been bombarded with an unbelievable amount of distractions in recent years. We’ve allowed these distractions to pull us away from the things that truly matter: love, humility, courage, integrity, humanity and true joy. Kudos to the Baltimore Ravens for wanting to share that legacy with the rest of the world by putting “Mo” on an international platform during NFL Kick-Off weekend.

It’s now our job to carry on his light.


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