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 I Tried Seafood For the First Time and Here’s What We Learned


I Tried Seafood For the First Time and Here’s What We Learned

I’ve been talking about it on the air for a few weeks now and it finally happened: I tried seafood for the first time.

How it happened

She knocked on my door as I was playing NBA2K (PSN: BrianJamesLive). “I know you wanted to try Salmon, I have some for you,” she said to me. My mouth dropped because I definitely wanted to give it a go but I just didn’t know it would happen last Tuesday. I was certainly unprepared for the moment but very rarely do I back down from a challenge.

After pausing the game, I took a bite. It was a moment that reminded me of when the food critic tasted Ratatouille’s food at the end of the film. He went on a journey through his childhood because the taste was so good.

Anyways, the moral of my little story is that it’s a great time to try something new. I asked the city about somethings you would like to try. Loved the answers that I got in return. Marisaeliz_says that she wants to try Jet skiing. My bro, NellInTheCoffin said that he wanted to shoot a shotgun. Lauren from Toronto, LA_Dakota, says that she wants to try parasailing. The homie Cinna, Borncinna, says that she wants to ride a motorcycle by herself for the first time. My little (blood) brother, Jus10, has never flown as an adult. He checked into the show to say he finally wants to give it a go. Then, my best friend Titus checked in and said he wants to swim with sharks, snorkle, and go parasailing. Clearly, he’s got a lot on his mind.

That’s just some of the answers on social. The calls I got were even better and it was dope to hear all the things that people said they wanted to try.

No more limits.

When it comes to seafood, I had put limitations on my tastebuds for so long. For nearly 26 years I had trapped my mind into thinking that seafood was something that I didn’t have a taste for. It’s even more weird that I’m a Maryland kid and I crossed the Bay Bridge like 4 times a week for 4 years in undergrad. Excited that the door has been opened and I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my menu.

You should do the same. Let’s take the governor off of our lives and hit the open road. I’ve heard some of the things you want to try for the first time and I know that this year hasn’t been the best, but infuse some excitement by trying something new. Color your hair, get that tattoo, try a new dish (like me), learn a new language, re-register to finish your degree; whatever it is, do it. Within reason, of course.

Let’s choose to no longer fall victim to the prisons of our minds. Wings are meant for spreading to fly and we should let go of the fear of heights. Link me on Instagram if you’d like. 

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