CTZNSIX Explores the Lessons of Love With “The 100”

Published by Press on

Washington, D.C

January 29th 2019

With a focused targeted viewpoint of love, the CTZNSIX pledges itself to love this February with the introduction of “The 100”. The series will highlight several african american couples of all backgrounds and the lessons that their relationships can teach others.

Our couple’s of today are all searching for a way to make things “right”. According to the American Psychological Association, nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce (stats current as of 2018). The New York Times suggests that the millennial generation is completely redefining marriage as many are either waiting until their 30s or not getting married at all. Julianne Simpson, 27, told the New York Times that she wants to be sure that she is ready for marriage and knows what is needed for it to succeed. The quest is on to discover who is helping to make marriages successful and who better to turn to than couples who have already been fighting the good fight.

The series and its roll out is led by CTZNSIX writer, Jai Murphy who will introduce the series at the beginning of February.

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