CTZNSIX Joins the Mental Health Conversation With January 2019 Issue

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Washington, D.C-

After a record-setting month (December) for the CTZNSIX brand, the urban lifestyle magazine will discuss the stigma surrounding black mental mental health, in its January edition.

It’s no secret that the African American community has been plagued by silence when the discussion of African American mental health arises. Statistically, the National Institute of Health has documented information regarding mental illness within the black community and the “shame” that is associated with it. “Studies prove that although depression is the most common mental illness amongst the black community, most were not comfortable with seeking treatment for it,” writes CTZNSIX.

Dedicated to beginning the new year with a powerful thrust of peace, tranquility, and mental stability, CTZNSIX has devoted its January edition to the conversation. Not only will statistics and facts be explored, but there will also be heavy conversation about what can be done to help aid the mental health struggles of the black community.

The January edition will be available on January 3rd.