NAME: Jai Murphy

LOCATION: Indianapolis, IN

Site Contributor 

BIO// My name is Jessica Murphy but I love hearing the world call me Jai (pronounced Jay).  Born and raised in the city of Indianapolis, IN and proud to be a product of the great Haughville area!  Since the beginning of life I have always been one to march to the beat of my own drum.  I’ve always been very animated and comfortable with expressing myself.  Those character traits eventually landed me where I am today as a professional writer and a television personality.

My education background is not really extensive.  I graduated from Ben Davis High School in 2005 and shortly after graduating from high school I entered the world of parenthood.  Life became a really interesting journey for me.  I became a mom at the age of 18 and struggled for years just to find myself and what I was most passionate about.  By 24 I was a mother of two and at that time I discovered my purpose in the world.  I knew I was meant to help others through my love for talking and writing.  I’ve always had a story to tell, this was the way I planned to tell the story.

Now here we are today.  I currently write and co-host for a podcast that has been running strong on iTunes for nearly 2 years.  Adam’s Rib Podcast is a Christian based podcast with the goal to help uplift and encourage our women.  I have also hosted multiple other online radio shows throughout the city.  I was featured as the leading role in an AIDS Awareness campaign called Maggie.  The video for that campaign went viral and was nationally recognized.  I have been awarded for my love and passion to be courageous.  I am the owner and creator of a women’s empowerment group named StayPretty By Jai.  This group was organized to give women a reason to enjoy being alive.  My most recent ventures are now being a writer for CTZNS and co-hosting a brand new nationally syndicated talk show by the name of What America Really Thinks.

Life is one huge unforeseen adventure but as I continue to ride out this adventure I always remind myself to “Do something today that my future self will thank me for later.”


NAME: Ty Taylor

LOCATION: Washington,D,C


BIO//Tymeia Taylor also known as Powerful Ty is the Life Style Editor for CTZNS. Her flare and charm has impacted people all over the world to want to better their lives. Tymeia is also an advocate for Safe Sex and H.I.V awareness. Her ground breaking article “Safe Sex for the Culture” has created conversation around the topic and has encouraged tons of people to get tested. Her motto for life is to “Be you and be cute: you can never lose when you are being yourself so you might as well look good while doing it.”   


NAME: Ash Jai



BIO//  Meet Ash Jai. The young, vibrant, dancing personality was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. After a prestigious high school campaign at Emerson School For the Arts, Ash enrolled into Indiana State where she danced for their dance team, the Sparkettes. Upon graduating with her degree in Public Relations and Media, Ash began dancing professionally working with organizations such as Indiana Pacers, Indiana Fever and others. She also began working for Radio One where she continued to grow her smile in the world of entertainment and media. Relocating to the East Coast, Ash hit the field for Monumental Sports and the Baltimore Brigade, dancing her way into the hearts of thousands of fans. Along with her moves on the 8-count, Ash continues to pursue her career goal of working as a media personality.

Her smile, presence, and honesty shows in her work in front of the cameraas she gives her all to the CTZNS brand.  

NAME: Ms. J Shirley

LOCATION: Indianapolis, IN

Music Editor&Contributor

BIO//  My name is Jasmine Shirley. I am a native of the great city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes, there are cornfields here but there are none where I live. I am the oldest of two children and If you know anything about being the oldest then you know i call the shots.

I am the mother of one amazing little lady who has taught me many valuable lessons in life one being that I don’t know as much as I thought I did about this thing we call life. Coming to terms with that realization I turned to writing as a form of expression and self awareness. The outcome being so rewarding I decided to make writing and working with children a career.

I have previously worked as a contributing writer for an online publication, and have been the Social Media Engagement Specialist for Brave Youth Society, an after school theatre arts education program for children, for the last two years.


NAME: Latrice P.R



Latrice Ginwright, also known as Latrice P.R., is the Vice Editor in Chief/ Publicist for CTZNS Online lifestyle website. Latrice graduated in May 2015, from Salisbury University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts/ Minor in Psychology. Latrice has been writing since she was 13 year’s old and her love for writing led her to having dreams of someday being an author and editor for a magazine company. Latrice began to explore the public relations field when she joined Serene Mgmt, which is an event planning and public relations company based in the DC Metropolitan Area, as a Junior Publicist in February 2017. She also worked as a Campaign Coordinator to DC State Board of Education candidate, Shakira Hemphill in 2016. While working in the 8th Ward of Washington, DC she developed a passion to enrich her community and to effectively communicate to the residents the importance of voting. With her acknowledging these tools of education, persuasion, and even entertaining she sought deep into one of her favorite interests which is music. Her love for Hip Hop, music, and black culture arose within her the desire to write and speak on topics that are relevant to our generation and community. Latrice is also the Publicist of CTZNS Record Label where she will highlight the new talent coming out of CTZNS. Latrice resides in the DC Metropolitan Area, and has goals to one day start her own women empowerment company, be a best-selling author, editor for a top online source/magazine, and impact lives globally through CTZNS.





AmeriCorps Vista Leader by day. Graduate Student by night. Unapologetically Black 24/7. Byron Terry is a Millennial from Paducah, KY with the passion to learn and share knowledge. He has completed over a year of service through AmeriCorps and is currently working on his second year of service. He hopes that through his work he will be able to inspire more black men to serve their communities.